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News Hounds: An Accidental Newspaper Life on Martha’s Vineyard is now available in print and eBook formats at https://store.bookbaby.com/book/News-Hounds.

It’s an amiable account of a newspaper editor who found during a career of more than 40 years that the editorials and columns he wrote about life on a small New England Island were actually joint undertakings. Writing this book, I discovered what I ought to have realized years earlier, that I had conspired with a changing cast of partners in crime. They were the dogs, the small host of them that made our house their home, plus the odd and occasional cat and a selection of the beasts of the field, the air, and the forest, who claimed a shockingly large relative share of my attention and did a lot to smarten me up.

Look for News Hounds in print and eBook, at Amazon, dougcabral.com, or at your favorite bookstore. There is a smile in it.

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